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Stonehenge Announces Investment in TouchPay Payment Systems
DALLAS, TEXAS May 27, 2010 – Stonehenge Growth Capital (“Stonehenge”) announced a $1.5 million investment in TouchPay Payment Systems. TouchPay, headquartered in Irving, Texas, has doubled revenues each of the past two years and continues to add new customers in a new market with superior technology designed to streamline customer payment operations.

Stonehenge will support TouchPay’s increased need for working capital, allowing continued growth. TouchPay provides payment systems and kiosk hardware to facilitate fund transfers for deposit, payment and disbursements in government agencies, accounts and correctional facilities. Founded in late 2003, TouchPay initially centered on kiosk implementation and later expanded into a fully integrated 24/7 deposit, payment and disbursement system. Since its inception, TouchPay continues to penetrate the corrections and courts marketplace through internal efforts and partnerships with commissary and correction telephone providers.

TouchPay has established itself as an industry leader, with the most kiosks installed and operated. TouchPay allows for government agencies and correctional facilities to provide superior service levels to constituents, while also reducing cash management costs through more convenient methods of collecting deposits and payments. Customers using any of the TouchPay payment systems (kioskPay, ePay, telePay, and ezPay) are able do so in a convenient, cost effective manner by using card, cash, electronic check, wire transfer and account lookup. TouchPay installs, markets and maintains its system at no cost to the agency.

About TouchPay Payment Systems
TouchPay provides turnkey payment systems to facilitate the transfer of funds for government agencies, accounts and correctional facilities. TouchPay currently provides correctional facilities with booking, deposit and release solutions by offering automatic transaction processing stations (kiosks) as well as online and phone account access for inmate’s family and friends. The facility gets to eliminate cash management costs and transaction risk while increasing revenue through the sharing of a transaction fee. TouchPay provides these services through a proprietary real-time transaction network, customized application interfaces and proprietary hardware. The company’s solution is the first in the industry to provide a turnkey, secure process which removes the agency from the liability of the funds transfer process.

About Stonehenge Growth Capital
Stonehenge Growth Capital (SGC) represents the principal investing arm of Stonehenge Capital Company, LLC. SGC directly manages over $500 million in private equity, debt and venture capital investment funds across the country. The group supports both emerging and established middle market businesses from its offices in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Mountain West and Gulf Coast regions. SGC invests up to $15 million in transactions supporting growth-oriented working capital, buyouts, recapitalizations and acquisitions in a wide range of industries, including information technology, manufacturing, distribution, business services, and energy services. To date, the group has invested more than $387 million in over 150 companies. For more information, visit

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